Sushi & Sashimi book

"Rich and rewarding, a joy to share."Roger Caras
"A warm & delicious Siamese treat, what a gift to get...
or give."
Mordecai Siegal

This true story, photographed by SuZen, is about her 2 Siamese cats cavorting in her Greenwich Village studio. Sushi, an older male, is accustomed to supremacy in his territory when Sashimi, a young female, comes to live. While he is instructs her the ways of the world, she teaches him to cuddle, Yin-Yang style. See them stalk, soar and fly through the air with feline grace.

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The Love Story of Sushi & Sashimi: A Love Story
photographer: SuZen; writer: John Daniels; publisher: Capra Press 1990 64 pages/ 7.25" x 7.25"/ 60 black & white photos
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